Top 10 Things I love to do on Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is always such a fun day for me!  It's a great reason to take the day off and do something that you normally wouldn't do!  Here's my top 10 list of things I love to do on Mother's Day!


1.  Spend the day with my kids...duh no brainer!

2.  Hit up a swap meet!  Lots of unique fun treasures can be found.

( Rose Bowl Swap Meet )

3.  Brunch at a fun restaurant in Echo Park!

( The Ostrich Farm )

4.  Massage at my favorite foot massage place!

5.  Boat ride out on the marina.

6.  Take in a museum or concert!

7.  Head to the beach to look for whales and have a picnic!

8. Call my mom and have a long chat!

9.  Vintage shopping on Magnolia Street in Burbank!

10.  Shop at Malibu Beach House! 

"There's something there for all of the extraordinary women in your life!"

Here's a few of my must haves!      




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