Meet our Mascots

It’s no secret that here at MBH we love our pets! In addition to selling leashes, collars and dog beds, we also have a cookie jar of treats for our four legged customers.

In honor of National Dog Day, we wanted to share our own pups with you and tell you a little bit about them & their favorite accessories!


Laura's Pugs, Bruno (left) and Skeeter (right), both enjoy long walks on the beach. The brothers are featured here wearing their custom dogkerchiefs from Bittle and Burley, which were embroidered in-house with their names.

Bridgette's Lab, Hudson, is 6 years old and a great swimmer. Pictured here sporting his Gitli Goods collar & leash, with his Bittle and Burley dogkerchief. 

Dee & Hanna's Lab/Doberman mix, Bowie (named after David Bowie, of course!). She's a family gal and loves spending time with her new cousin, Patches.

Nikki with Andrea's Golden Retriever, Pepper. Now fully grown, puppy Pepper used to sleep behind our cash register all day long.

And as to not leave out the only feline in the señora Simone, Annie's sweet cat. 

To see the newest goods for your pets, check out our hashtag #BuBeachHouseMascot on Instagram!


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